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Tombola Arcade Casino 2020 Review

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Bonus before verification
Tombola Arcade will give you £5 for free just for signing up. You don't have to deposit any money.
Deposit/ Withdrawal fees
Tombola Arcade does not charge any fees for any deposits or withdrawals.
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VIP program
Tombola Arcade doesn't have any VIP program. To receive a bonus you may send a friend to the site.
Fair turnover
The turnover at Tombola Arcade is beyond fair. It's the only casino with 1x wagering requirements.

Tombola Arcade 2020 Review

Tombola Arcade does not offer either any slot machines nor traditional casino games. Instead, they’ve invented their own games for people to play. Some punters love them, while others will head elsewhere. But Tombola Arcade is following its own vision. They only make you wager your bonus money once, which is good. A new player will receive £5 just for signing up. They don't seem to have a VIP program. Upon you make your first deposit you can claim 50% matching cash up to £50. A unique yet somewhat fun casino. However, this is not the place for those looking for traditional slots or blackjack.

Bonus before verification bonus

Tombola Arcade will give you £5 for free just for signing up. You don't have to deposit any money. Best of all, you only have to play through the money once before you can withdraw it. That's a great deal from Tombola casino. Other casinos make you play through any money at least 35 and sometimes as many as 99 times.

Deposit/ Withdrawal fees money

Tombola Arcade does not charge any fees for any deposits or withdrawals. That's industry standard at this point, and frankly, we would be surprised if they did charge fees. However, if your balance is less than £2 you cannot withdraw your funds. Tombola Arcade only accepts Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.

VIP program vip club

Tombola Arcade does not have any VIP program. The closest thing they advertise is their refer a friend program. Send a friend to the site, and you'll get bonus money as soon as they deposit. The system will keep track of how much gambling they are doing, and send you extra cash when they meet certain requirements.

Fair turnover turnover

The fair turnover at Tombola Arcade is beyond fair. It's great! It's the only casino that only requires you to bet your money through one time before you withdraw it. We hope other casinos take a look at Tombola and notice how much more fair they are when it comes to their fair turnover.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do they allow multiple accounts?

Look, no casino worth their URL is going to allow you to have multiple accounts. It’s part of their commitment to responsible gambling. If you’ve done a self-exclusion for some reason, it’s not going to be to your benefit if you just go open a new account. They will close them all. If your account goes quiet for two years, they will mark your account as “dormant” and try to give you whatever funds you have in there. But if they can’t then your funds are voided out and your funds will be withheld from you.

2. How to register?

Registering at Tombola Arcade has never been that easy.
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Find “Join Now” button
Look at the upper right hand corner of the screen. You should see a big red “Join Now” button. This is what you want to press. It should take you to a page where they want your information. If you don't get to that page, then you have clicked on the wrong button. Click the back button on your browser to go back to the homepage and try again. Tombola Arcade makes registration pretty easy so finding the right Join Now button shouldn't be that hard. Worst comes to worse retype in their homepage again and then look for the button again.
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Complete all the necessary fields
Now that you are on the right page, you'll be asked a bunch of personal questions. You will have to come up with a unique username. You will have to come up with a password. You will also have to provide your real name, your address, your cell phone number and your email address. If you are confused by any of the questions, there is a chat window at the bottom of the page where you can clarify. Make sure all of the information you have included is correct. Once you have submitted it you will not have a chance to fix it. When you are sure it's right, go ahead and submit it to the system for verification.
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Complete your verification
Now Tombola Arcade will have to verify the information you have given. This is mostly to make sure you don't try to claim their welcome bonus more than once. They will check your name, address and IP address. This is why we don't recommend you sign up from any public Internet IP address. This would include the one associated with bars, Internet cafes or really any public connection point. The odds are that someone else will have signed up before you and you'll be out of luck. Once the system has satisfied itself you are a new member you should be able to log in and play in a matter of minutes.

3. How to claim bonuses?

Tombola Arcade makes it way simple for its customers to get the bonus. You are to play through your bonus money one time only to hit their minimum betting requirements.
tomola free bonus
Meet wagering requirements
Make sure you've achieved the wagering requirements. This is really easy because Tombola Arcade only requires you to play through your bonus money one time. Really. In a world where most casinos require you to play through at least 35 times and some as many as 99 times you just have to bet your money once and if you win you can take it out of the casino. That's a great deal. So just make sure you've bet the money once and then you can go onto the next step and take your money out. It really is that easy to get at your money.
tombola sign up bonus rules
Withdraw your funds
Now look at your account balance. Is there at least £10 there? You have to check because £10 is the minimum you can withdraw from Tombola Arcade. If you don't have £10 in there, you'll have to keep playing until you have at least £10. We recommend withdrawing the maximum you can. That will keep you from being tempted to re-bet the money you have sitting in your account. Once you start the withdraw process it should work just like taking out money you've deposited. You will have to wait 24 hours for the system to verify your withdrawal.

4. Mobile version

Tombola Arcade has developed apps for both iOS and Android enabled devices. All of their games play just as well on the apps as they do on desktops or laptops. You can make deposits and withdrawals through the apps. In reality, they function perfectly and look great. We had no problem at all downloading the apps and playing with them. If you want to, you can also just type the address into your phone's browser. The company will resize the games automatically and allow you to play them on your phone, or on a tablet via the browser as well. So really you get the best of both worlds with Tombola Arcade – easy to use apps or easy to play from your phone's browser. They really have it all covered at Tombola Arcade.

5. Games review

Here's where Tombola Arcade gets weird. You can't play any normal games on the site. There are no traditional slot machines. No blackjack. No roulette. No live casino. Instead, they have made their own type of games to play. They are unique and true to Tombola Arcade's vision. It's a matter of personal preference whether or not you like Tombola's games. Some people clearly do. Others will be put off at not finding what they are used to here.
tomola spin arcade games
Tombola is an odd casino. There is no other way to put it. They don't have any slot machines at all. Not a one. Instead they have developed their own types of games that defy description. You just have to play them to see what they are like. While we would clearly prefer it if they had a slot machine or two, they must have decided that this is what will set them apart from other casinos. We are told that there are people who absolutely love the games they play at Tombola. We also know that some people hate them and just play once and never go back. You'll have to try out their games to figure out which camp you lie in.
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Jackpots and Live games
With no slot machines to play there are no progressive jackpots to win. So if progressive jackpots are what you are looking for, you'll have to go someplace else. Again, we wish Tombola Arcade would at least throw one progressive jackpot in their selection, but they don't. They also don't have a live casino. It seems like the idea of games people have heard of is completely alien to the people at Tombola Arcade. This is not like any other casino we have every been to before. It's odd but as we mentioned above some people love it. You just have to try it to know how you'll feel about it.

FAQ Our opinion

Tombola Arcade is a strange casino. Some people will love it. Others will hate it. Their welcome bonus is awesome. You only have to play through your money one time and then you can withdraw it. Their payment and withdrawal systems are also incredible. Where we find it gets odd is with the games. There is nothing like any type of regular casino game here. Not even close. Instead, you have what Tombola Arcade considers casino games. They are not found at any other casino, and sometimes the rules require a learning curve. How is it possible to review something so mysterious? It all comes down to personal taste. That said, if you do like that style of online gaming and gambling, then everything will go smoothly. Because everything else about this casino is simply aces. However, if you just want to play blackjack or slots, you'll find yourself out of luck. But not everyone wants to play those games and for those who are looking for something a little different they will certainly find it at Tombola Arcade. We give Trada Casino an eight out of 10-star rating. If they lowered their playthrough, we would re-evaluate them and they could have the chance to become a 10-star casino.