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The Phone Casino 2020 Review

phone casino
Bonus before verification
The casino gives you 100 free spins each and every day. You don't have to deposit any money.
Deposit/ Withdrawal fees
The Phone Casino does not charge you any fees for depositing or withdrawing funds.
vip club
VIP program
The Phone Casino does not have a VIP program in place. Their main deal is there 100 free spins a day.
Fair turnover
There is no playthrough at all. You get 100 free spins and play them. That's a stellar deal!

The Phone Casino 2020 Review

The Phone Casino is the only casino we've found that is built entirely for smartphones. It is not meant to be played on your desktop or laptop. They give a total of 100 free spins away every day. After you've played your free spins you are ranked against other players. Rise to the top of the pile and you can earn a ton of great rewards. The casino is limited to roughly 200 games that you can play – but all the most popular games are well represented. There is no VIP program, although that could be added fairly easily in the future.

Bonus before verification bonus

Once a day, The Phone Casino will let you enter their free roll tournament. You don't have to deposit any money to get into it. This gives you 100 free spins each and every day. At the end of your free spins, you will get a score. Whoever has the highest score of the day will win cash or free spins.

Deposit/ Withdrawal fees money

The Phone Casino does not charge you any fees to deposit or withdraw funds. This is keeping with the industry standard. Most online casinos have moved past that and no longer charge them. So it's good that The Phone Casino doesn't charge them but that hardly makes them cutting edge.

VIP program vip club

The Phone Casino does not have a VIP program that we could find. This may be a conscious choice on their part. Their main deal is there 100 free spins a day. They may find that to be much more attractive than offering a VIP program. And what you get from VIP programs you sort of have the option to get in the 100 free spins – including trips and prizes.

Fair turnover turnover

What's really solid about The Phone Casino is that there is no play through minimum at all. You get your 100 free spins and play them. Then when the 100 free spins are done, you can withdraw any money you've won. That's a stellar deal, and in our experience, it is unmatched by any other online casino we know about.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do they allow multiple accounts?

With 100 free spins every day in the free roll tournament, why would you even want to tempt fate with a useless scheme like opening multiple accounts? Just enjoy the free spins each day – as we said before, you may win big, and you can simply withdraw your winnings without having to make any deposits. But if you try to pull one over on them and open another account because you’re feeling greedy, guess what – you’re not going to be able to claim any of your winnings. This is all to say that no, Phone Casino does not allow players to have more than one account. It is forbidden and you will be penalized from playing on the site at all, and your funds will be confiscated. Doesn’t seem super worth it.

2. How to register?

Registeration at The Phone Casino won't take a minute.
the phone casino registration
Click on the “Register” button
When you go to the homepage of The Phone Casino look at the upper right hand side of the page. There you will see a “Register” button. When you click on it a form will come up from the side. This is how you know you've clicked the right button. If anything else happens, click the back button and try again. You shouldn't have too many problems finding the right button to push. They have made this fairly easy for just about anyone to do so just look for that registration button and you should be fine.
the phone casino address
Provide your personal details
Now is when you have to input your information. The Phone Casino asks for considerably less data than most. You have to tell them if you are a male or a female. You have to give them a username and password as well as to provide them with your real name. And you have to indicate your phone number as well. Of these because The Phone Casino is meant to be played on your phone and your number is the most important- make sure you haven't been registered with them before. Take a look at everything you've inputted and make sure it's correct. Then hit the green arrow at the bottom of the screen.
the phone casino signup
Complete your verification
Now the system will take the time to verify your information. This is mostly to make sure you aren't trying to claim more than one welcome bonus. If you have never signed up for The Phone Casino before you should have no problems. The only problem might be if you forgot to input some information in Step Two. As long as you are a new customer, don't already have an account and have filled everything out correctly you should be fine. When it's verified that you are fine, you will get a confirmation message and then can play at The Phone Casino.

3. How to claim bonuses?

Claiming bonus money at The Phone Casino is just like everything else they do - fast and clear. Make sure you've played through all 100 of your free spins. You cannot take any money out until you have done so.
the phone casino free spins
Meet wagering requirements
Enter the amount of money you would like to withdraw Before you can take any money out of The Phone Casino you have to make sure you've played through all 100 of your free spins. This is a requirement. You can't just play 20 free spins, win some money and then cash out. You can only cash out once you have gone through all 100 free spins of yours. That's not a bad thing as it means you can win even more money from playing more spins. So, keep track of the number of spins you've made and do not try to withdraw any money until you have taken all 100 of your free spins.
the phone casino welcome bonus
Enter the amount you want to withdraw
Once you have made sure you have taken all 100 of your free spins look at your balance. You should have at least £3. If you don't than you'll have to bet that money because £3 is the minimum you can withdraw. Assuming you have £3 in there, simply type in the amount of money you want to withdraw. Doing so is exactly the same as withdrawing money you've won from other spins. Once you have asked for the withdraw it will take The Phone Casino 24 hours to process it. Then you will get your money sent to you through whatever form you made your first deposit in.

4. Mobile version

The Phone Casino is called The Phone Casino for a reason. The idea is for you to play it on your phone. It is not optimized for desktops or laptops. Simply go to the appropriate app store for your device and download the iOS app or Android app. Then you can start the logging in process. All of their games are available to play on mobile. You can make deposits and withdrawals on mobile. It's as simple and mobile friendly as a casino can get. There is no limiting factor to what you can at The Phone Casino. It's all set up for an easy to play experience. So if what you want is a mobile friendly online casino, The Phone Casino is one of the best choices you can make – for phones and for tablets as well.

5. Games review

The Phone Casino is designed for people to play on their phone, but you can also play on your desktop, so it has great games for both. All of the game categories are clearly defined, and within them, you can choose subgenres as well – such as the number of reels on slots. The live casino at The Phone Casino is decent. Even on a small screen, you will feel like you are right in the middle of the action. The dealers are friendly and professional, and also good looking!
the phone casino slot games
The Phone Casino is designed to be played on your phone not your computer. You will see that there are just over 200 games for you to choose from. That's not a lot but this is a smaller phone only site. You should be able to find the most popular games here and even a few old school three reel Vegas fruit machines. The balance between modern and retro games is good and you can search through gaming categories. All in all, a fairly decent slot selection for a phone only casino. Yes, you could find a site with more games, but if you like what they have it's a good deal.
the phone casino reels of luck
Jackpots and Live games
Unexpectedly the live casino as The Phone Casino is great. We'd always thought Live Casino was more of a thing for desktop and laptop users, but The Phone Casino proves that you can have just as much fun in a live casino on your phone. You not only get blackjack and roulette but also a Monopoly casino game live, Sic Bo, Side Bet City and more. We have to say we are very, very impressed by the live casino offered by The Phone Casino. They really seem to know their business and have implemented it very well. The larger casinos could learn from them.

FAQ Our opinion

The Phone Casino is trying something different with online gaming. What's quite unique about them is their daily 100 free spins for players. And the fact that if you have a good day with your 100 free spins you can win awesome prizes. We also love the fact that there are zero play through requirements with those free spins. You just have to spin all 100. If you've won any money after that, you can withdraw it right away. That's fair gaming. We do wish they had a VIP program but we can't say if that is something they are going to offer in the future. In the final evaluation, we give The Phone Casino eight out of 10 stars. When they bring in more games we can easily see them becoming a 10 star casino. All in all, everything is very well done and we'd like to see more casinos try this kind of strategy. It will certainly make us want to visit The Phone Casino at least once a day.