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888 Casino 2020 Review

888 casino
Bonus before verification
Spin the wheel before you make your first deposit and win at least £15.
Deposit/ Withdrawal fees
888 Casino does not charge any fees for processing deposits or withdrawals.
vip club
VIP program
Earn the points and you will automatically be brought into the Gold VIP room.
Fair turnover
Once you receive your bonus money at 888 Casino, you have to play them through 30 times.

888 Casino 2020 Review

When you first sign up – and before you make your first deposit – 888 Casino will ask you to spin a wheel. This wheel will give you between £15 and £888. Then when you make your first deposit, you'll receive matching funds up to £200. Their VIP program is very well run. Each time you bet, you earn points. Score enough points and you'll climb up the ladder. They have tons of video slot machines and table games, plus a total of 10 progressive slots. This is a very professional casino that knows what it is doing and how to pull it off.

Bonus before verification bonus

Spin the wheel before you make your first deposit. You'll win at least £15 and maybe as much as £888. Make a deposit at 888 Casino and get matching cash up to £200. And there's more. During your first week playing at 888 Casino, if you make five more deposits you will get up to £1,500 in matching bonuses.

Deposit/ Withdrawal fees money

888 Casino does not charge any fees to put in or take out money. Before you make your first withdrawal you will be asked to send them your identity documents. There is a withdraw limit of £30,000 per month, which makes us wonder what would happen if you won a million-pound jackpot.

VIP program vip club

888 Casino has a fun VIP program. Every time you make a deposit or place a bet, you will earn points. You also get additional points for various promotions. Points add up very quickly, so it's not that hard to get into the VIP program. When you get to 300,000 points you will automatically be brought into the Gold VIP room.

Fair turnover turnover

When you receive your bonus money from 888 Casino, you will have to play it through 30 times. That is a much better deal than most casinos have to offer. Industry-standard is 35 times on the playthrough. Some casinos increase that to up to 99 times. So 30 times is more than fair. And being fair is what 888 Casino is all about.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do they allow multiple accounts?

888 Casino does not allow multiple accounts. Casinos don't like people trying to claim multiple bonus offers. If you open more than one account, the company will close both accounts. Any money that remains in those accounts will go directly to the casino. This can be per person, per IP address, or per postal address. So make sure that signing up is on the up and up – that means no library, internet point or shared IPs. It would be unfortunate if you got kicked off the site because of it. But 888 Casino is really serious about it. With such a top notch casino such as this, it’s not worth it to try to pull a fast one on these guys.

2. How to register?

It will take just a couple of seconds to register at 888 Casino. After all, if it were that difficult they wouldn’t get that many customers!
888casino signup
Find “Join Now” button
Go to the upper right-hand corner of the screen. There you will see a “Join Now” button. You need to click this button to start the registration process. You will know you've clicked it right if you are taken to a page where it asks for your personal information. If you don't go to that page and end up on some other page, it just means your mouse slipped and you clicked something else. Click the back button on your browser and try to click it again. It's really well labelled so this shouldn't be too hard to do.
888casino create account
Provide your personal details
Now you will be asked your general info. The includes a username and a password. You have to make sure your username is unique and not being used by anyone else. You will also be asked for your personal information. This will include your real name, your residence address, your email address, and your phone number. This information is kept secure on the 888 Casino server, so you don't have to worry about sending it out there. Once you have entered all of your pertinent information, double-check it because you won't be able to change it in the future. When you are sure it is all correct, send it off.
888 casino signup
Complete your verification
Now the system has to make sure that you have not registered before. This is to verify that you are not trying to claim a second welcome bonus. Or you might have registered a couple of years ago and you’ve simply forgotten. Either way, it will look at the data you have provided, and also at your IP address, to verify that you are a unique person. This is why we do not recommend signing in from an internet cafe or other public internet sources. Someone else may have already registered from there. Once it has verified that you are a new customer, you will receive a notification.

3. How to claim bonuses?

888 Casino doesn't make it difficult for its players to claim bonuses.
888casino welcome bonus
Meet wagering requirements
The first thing you have to do is make sure you have met the wagering requirements to withdraw your bonus money. At 888 Casino, this means you will have had to play through the money at least 30 times. If you have not played it through at least 30 times, then you have to go back and play it through. That is the requirement to claim bonus money from the casino. If you are sure you have played the money through 30 times, you can go onto the next step. But really, it’s nothing to take a few minutes and make sure you've played it through enough times.
888casino how to deposit
Withdraw your funds
Now you have to verify that you have at least £20 left in your account. This is the minimum amount you can withdraw. If you don't have at least £20 in your account, you'll have to keep betting until you've won £20. Once you are sure that you have that money in your account select how much you want to withdraw. You should probably take out as much as you can in each withdraw. The system is exactly the same as taking out money you have put in. It's just bonus money. Once you have asked for your money you have to wait 24 hours for 888 Casino to confirm your request.

4. Mobile version

The app is really where 888 Casino fails, and we have to admit that it came as a huge shock. You would be much better off just going to the browser on your phone and playing from there. They do have apps for both Android devices and iOS. Most of their games are unplayable on the app. This is a serious concern. Other casinos let people play all of their games on their apps. It makes no sense to us at all that 888 Casino limits what you are allowed to play. We find this a major fault in an otherwise sterling casino. Hopefully, in the future, the company will find an appropriate solution for this and have one that lets you play your favourite online casino games out there. Until then just stick to playing in browser mode when you are on your phone.

5. Games review

888 Casino has been around forever and learned what they are doing. They were launched in 1997, which means they've had time to learn from their mistakes. And that has helped them. 888 Casino is currently wildly popular, and that’s the way it should be. Their games are very fun.
888 casino populr games
Slots are very well represented at 888 Casino. They launched their casino back in 1997 and have been continually adding new games ever since. As you can imagine this has left a legacy of new and old games to play. There is literally something for everyone at 888 Casino. If you've heard of a game, chances are, they will have it. And you can discover games you've never thought of. It's really a great variety and mixture of slots that are available at 888 Casino. From modern next-generation games to old fashioned three reeled fruit machines, it's yours to play at 888 Casino.
888casino table games
Jackpots and Live games
888 Casino has 10 games with progressive jackpots. Some of them are fairly easy to win and pay off in the low five figures. Some are more challenging and pay off in the seven figures. You can pick your level of difficulty easily and play the progressive jackpot you want to try to chase. When it comes to the live casino, 888 Casino has a total of eight games for you to choose from. They are mostly variations of blackjack and roulette. Each and everyone will give you the sense that you are really in their casino, and you will have the opportunity to talk to the other players and the dealer through a chat window.

FAQ Our opinion

888 Casino is pretty much the gold standard of the virtual casino industry. Their welcome bonuses are phenomenal. Their game selection is simply top of the heap. They have a reasonable play through requirement. Their app isn't that decent whatsoever, but hey – that really is the only negative thing we can say about 888 Casino. Other than that, it honestly doesn’t get any better than this. Other casinos should study what 888 Casino does and learn from them. They are simply fantastic. The kind of dedication that comes from running an online casino since 1997 really shows up here. They are at the top of their game and they know it. And they deserve our respect. We give them 9 out of 10 stars. If they got their app together we'd give them 10 out of 10 stars. They are a truly excellent casino. We don't think they are going away soon. You can trust them with your money. They know the business of running an online casino, and man, are they good at it. We are excited to head back to 888 Casino just for fun, not even for work. They are amazing.